Most of us are aware that at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic there were major product shortages in grocery stores. I remember going to the store and seeing the baking aisle barren of product. It was weeks before I could get my hands on yeast just to do some baking.

Less people seem to know about the electronic chip shortage that has been going on since 2020. Due to a number of factors; Covid-19, US/China Trade War, factory fires, and raw material costs; the chip shortage has affected most technology we take for granted. For us here at Quinsam Communications it has affected almost everything we sell. Early 2021 we had a vendor that experienced a fire at one of their factories and told us to not expect a particular two-way radio until at least 2022.

We pride ourselves in offering excellent products at a good price, but due to this shortage we have struggled to maintain stock levels and have found ourselves unable to acquire certain products for our clients. This has led to frustration and even people calling up our competitors to look for similar products only to be told the same thing.

We have learned to "Go with the flow" so to speak. We try to predict what we think we will need and order when we are able to. My hope is that our clients will maintain their patience and understand that we are doing our best to bring radios/cell phones/IT products in as best we can. If you are in need of a radio or other product we sell, I would STRONGLY recommend that you place an order weeks before you actually need it. While we do have some stock available, others are sometimes weeks or months away.

Recently we had a product vendor inform us that on top of the chip shortage they are experiencing a battery shortage, and not a small one. Some of this vendors products are not available until February, but their batteries are not available until May 2022. Imagine having to tell someone they cannot get a battery for their mission critical radio for 7 months; it's not something I hope to have to do, but only time will tell.

 We can't know what the future holds, maybe this shortage could be cleared up in 2022; but the further I look into this issue the more I think it's likely to stick around for a few years at least. Covid-19 isn't going away quickly, and US/China tensions are only growing higher. So if you are in need of two-way radios, cell phones, or anything else we offer I only ask that you be patient and order before you are in desperate need of a product.


Hang in there,

- Keifer